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The LightWalker laser system uses waves of light that are harnessed to remove specific types of hard or soft tissues. The LightWalker laser is easily adjusted to remove any kind of tissue and address a wide array of oral health concerns. The laser light waves are focused in precisely on the specific hard or soft tissue, so that only damaged, decayed, or excessive tissues are removed. This high level of precision allows us to assess oral health concerns while preserving the greatest amount of healthy tooth enamel and soft tissue.
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The innovative LightWalker laser system can be used to perform numerous soft tissue treatments, including:

  • Advanced gum disease treatments and deep cleanings like scaling and root planing
  • Adjusting and reshaping the gum line to improve the appearance of “gummy” smiles
  • Preparing teeth for restoration services like dental crowns by removing excess soft tissue to reveal additional supportive dental structure
  • Removing excess skin that impedes the ability to speak, chew, and smile with procedures to undo lip and tongue tie


In addition to soft tissue treatment, the LightWalker laser system allows us to more quickly and precisely perform a number of hard tissue treatments as well, including:

  • Painlessly removing any decayed or damaged tooth enamel before restorative dentistry services begin
  • Preparing teeth for dental restorations or cosmetic solutions, including fillings, dental crowns, and porcelain veneers
  • Cosmetically reshaping tooth enamel to improve the overall appearance of the smile
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