Cone Beam Therapy in Kingston, ON

Cone Beam Therapy Near You

Dental innovations are constantly occurring, and the ability to treat patient smiles more precisely increases with every new development.

One particularly noteworthy piece of technology is CBCT, a unique x-ray machine that takes 3D images of your smile and surrounding structures. With photos like this, your dentist can accurately identify the cause of any problem and advise the most effective treatment to address it.

cone beam therapy near you in kingston

Explaining CBCT?

Cone beam computed tomography, or cone beam therapy is a method that involves taking three-dimensional x-rays of a patient’s smile, specifically their teeth, gums, nerves, jaw, neck, and face – all it takes is one scan.

The process is completely painless and is completed in just a few minutes. The scanner will rotate around your head, taking a few hundred images of your oral structures from many angles.

Your dentist near you will address all your questions about this method during an introductory consultation.


Why Use CBCT?

Several advantages come with this technology, including:

  1. High-resolution pictures
  2. Less radiation exposure
  3. More accurate diagnoses
  4. Non-invasive
  5. Treatments are highly customized

As a result, cone beam therapy in Kingston can aid dental professionals when they perform more complicated treatments such as orthodontic planning, root canals, and placing dental implants.

Even though CBCT is fairly new, it has significantly improved dental care. Patients can remain comfortable and have peace of mind knowing that their treatment will be carefully catered to their unique requirements. No issue is too complex or too large; with this technology, the health of your smile will be restored in no time at all.

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We are proud to incorporate state-of-the-art dental technology in all our treatments; as a result, we are able to aid all our patients as they navigate their oral health journeys.

If this is something that you’re invested in learning more about, you are invited to contact our dental team today. Your smile matters, and we’ll do all we can to ensure it functions correctly and looks beautiful for years to come.