Root Canal Therapy in Kingston, ON

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This procedure sounds scary to a lot of people, but it is! We feel anxious or fearful because we aren’t familiar with the details of the treatment. That’s why, when you come to see us at Auden Park, our amazing team will guide you through each stage and make sure you feel comfortable and empowered about your oral health.

root canal therapy in kingston

What is a Root Canal? Why is it Done?

Inside the center of your tooth is the pulp chamber. In this space, as the name indicates, is where the pulp resides, a soft mass where blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves are. The pulp keeps your tooth alive by delivering nutrients to it. This is why, when it’s damaged either by an injury or an infection, it can cause you to feel much sensitivity and pain and, if left untreated, can lead to tooth death.

To address this, your dentist in Kingston will recommend a root canal. They’ll have you come in so they can visually examine your smile and take x-rays to determine if this is indeed the best course of action.

If you have questions or worries about this service, don’t hesitate to speak up! Your comfort and well-being are just as important as getting your smile back to normal.

Breaking Down the Procedure

The different parts of the root canal treatment are:

  1. Local anesthesia – Your dentist will administer anesthesia, which effectively numbs the target site. As a result, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain.
  2. Isolating the tooth – A rubber dam is placed around your tooth to keep your neighboring teeth from getting contaminated.
  3. Accessing the opening – Your dentist in Kingston will make a small hole in the top of your tooth, as this allows them to access the pulp chamber hidden inside.
  4. Removing the pulp – The damaged mass will be fully extracted with special dental instruments. Then the chamber itself is cleaned to ensure that no other debris gathers and leads to reinfection.
  5. Sealing and crowning – Gutta-percha is a unique material that’s biocompatible with our bodies, which is why it’s used to seal the chamber closed. Afterward, a temporary prosthetic known as a dental crown is applied to the tooth to protect it while a more durable one is created.
  6. Permanent crown and finishing touches – A few weeks later, you’ll be given your permanent crown. Your dentist will see to it that it fits you properly and won’t come off your newly treated tooth.

If you’re given post-procedure instructions, make sure you follow them as doing so will help your mouth make a full recovery. If needed, your dentist can ask you to come in for follow-up sessions so that they can check that everything is still looking good.

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