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When unexpected dental issues arise, prompt and efficient care is crucial. At Auden Park Family Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time. Whether you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, a knocked-out tooth, or any other urgent dental problem, our team of emergency dentists near you is here to provide you with immediate assistance and relief.


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    What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

    Knowing when to seek emergency dental care can make a significant difference in preserving your dental health. Common dental emergencies include:

    • Severe toothache: Persistent and intense tooth pain that may indicate an infection or tooth damage.
    • Broken or cracked tooth: Damage to a tooth due to trauma or injury, which can expose nerves and cause significant pain.
    • Knocked-out tooth: Immediate treatment is crucial to save the tooth if it has been completely knocked out.
    • Lost filling or crown: Leaving a tooth uncovered can lead to sensitivity and further damage.
    • Abscess or infection: Swelling around the gums, accompanied by pain and fever, indicating a serious infection.
    • Soft tissue injuries: Lacerations to the gums, tongue, cheeks, or lips that may require urgent attention.

    Steps to Take During a Dental Emergency

    During a dental emergency, following the appropriate steps and receiving urgent dental care can make a major difference in preserving your dental health:

    • Stay calm: It’s natural to feel anxious, but staying calm can help you make clearer decisions.
    • Contact us immediately: Call Auden Park Family Dentistry as soon as possible to schedule an emergency appointment.
    • Manage pain: Over-the-counter pain relievers and applying a cold compress can help manage discomfort before your appointment.
    • Handle a knocked-out tooth: If a tooth is knocked out, handle it by the crown (top part), rinse it gently, and try to place it back into the socket if possible, or keep it moist in milk or saliva.

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    Preventing Dental Emergencies

    While dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, there are steps you can take to reduce their likelihood:

    • Maintain good oral hygiene: Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit our dental office regularly for check-ups and cleanings.
    • Wear a mouthguard: If you engage in contact sports or activities that carry a risk of dental injury,
    • Avoid chewing hard objects: Such as ice, popcorn kernels, and hard candies, which can crack or damage teeth.
    • Address dental issues promptly: Don’t ignore signs of dental problems, such as tooth pain or sensitivity. Early intervention can prevent emergencies.

    Contact Auden Park Family Dentistry for Emergency Dental Care

    If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our local dental practice immediately. Our experienced team of emergency dentists in Kingston is here to provide you with compassionate and effective care to relieve your pain and restore your oral health.

    Call us now to schedule your emergency appointment or to learn more about our emergency dental services. Your smile is our priority, even in urgent situations.